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34 terrific events for Christians in Australia this July and August

There's a great line-up of events in Australia for Christians over the next 2 months. If you're aware of other events, please share them in the comments.

The Gospel Coalition Australia Launch

(Brisbane, July 23)

Be a part of this landmark event as The Gospel Coalition Australia is launched in Brisbane. Find out more…

Side by Side with Dr Ed Welch

(Sydney, July 28; Melbourne, July 29; Brisbane, July 31)

Dr Ed Welch, an experienced teacher, counsellor and author, will speak on how the gospel informs the way we do friendship and everyday counsel in the church. Find out more…

BASECAMP: Mountains

(Katoomba, July 31 – August 1)

Renew your strength to live as a Christian man with zeal and conviction. Find out more…

TWIST Music Ministry Conference

(Sydney, August 1)

TWIST – The Word In Song Together – has been delivering training and encouragement in music ministry for churches throughout Australia, Asia and the UK since 2003. Join us this year for the finest in evangelical music ministry training and support. Find out more…

Annual Moore College Lectures

(Sydney, August 8)

Who: Professor Kevin J. Vanhoozer (pictured), Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, will deliver the Annual Moore College Lectures 2015 on the five solas of the Reformation. He will address our topic over one night and five mornings. Find out more…

Sex in the iWorld

(Canberra, August 7)

Questions about sex have become a defining feature of recent discussions about Christianity, raising deep and heated questions for believers and unbelievers alike. Most of us would have wrestled with the complexity and looked out for help from key leaders in the church. On August 7, Vaughan will be speaking to us on the issues sex, marriage, same-sex marriage, and singleness from his unique perspective. Find out more…


(Sydney, August 7-8)

The SPARC National Gathering is an opportunity to participate in a growing conversation with Christians in the Creative Industries, at the intersection of Spirituality, Art and Culture. The National Gathering, covers Film, Media, Music, Arts, Design, Technology, Entertainment, Business, Faith, Community and Culture, with great speakers and guests. Find out more…

ReachOut Missions Conference

(Katoomba, August 8)

ReachOut conference seeks to help Christians become fully engaged in God's global mission by sharing in our passion for His purposes. Find out more…


(Sydney, August 8)

Renew your strength to live as a Christian man with zeal and conviction. Find out more…

Canberra Men's Christian Convention

(Canberra, August 8)

Hear world class speaker Vaughan Roberts as he helps us to seek truth and guard our hearts. Find out more…

Perth Women's Convention

(Perth, August 8)

Theme: Steadfast Love in Bitter Places. Find out more…

Rugby at Redfern

(Sydney, August 8)

Bring your friends to watch the Bledisloe Cup live on the big screen, and to hear a short gospel talk from Dr John Best (Wallabies team doctor, 1994-2000). Find out more…

SA Preaching School 2015

(Adelaide, August 10-11)

2 day workshop with Vaughan Roberts from St Ebbe's Rectory in Oxford. Find out more…

A Doubter's Guide to the Bible

(Sydney, August 11)

​Abbotsleigh invites you to a special presentation by John Dickson. Find out more…

Ethos Conference

(Sydney, August 11-12)

Professor Bebbington will deliver keynote addresses on ‘The Ideas That Have Shaped Our World' at the Ethos Conference, which introduces students and teachers to the best thinking about the integration of faith, learning and leadership. Find out more…

Sexuality and the Church – Ministering in a Confused Landscape

(Perth, August 12)

Speakers for the day are Dr. Brian Harris (Vose Seminary Principal), Dr. Ross Clifford (Morling College NSW Principal), Pastor Karl Faase (CEO of Olive Tree Media) and Sandra Basham (Forensic Sexologist and lecturer at Tabor College Perth). Topics to be covered on the day include the biblical, theological and philosophical underpinnings of human sexuality and what it means for a church to care for the most vulnerable in the community. Find out more…

Truth and Education in a Fractured World

(Sydney, August 13)

Professor David Bebbington, one of the world's leading authorities on political and religious history, explores the relationship between Christianity and the university in the West, over the centuries and into the future. Find out more…

10 Systemic Issues That Can Contribute To Church Health

(Sydney, August 14)

Paul Borden has developed a unique Church Consultation model, that has seen much fruit around the world. He has conducted over 500 church consultations in the Western World, and has developed a unique insight into Church Health. The Sydney Diocese has used Paul to conduct a number of consultations among Anglican Churches in Sydney. Paul is passing through Sydney for only a couple of days, and Ray Galea and Raj Gupta are co-hosting this 3 hour session with Paul. All who have heard him have appreciated his desire people won for Jesus, and his many nuggets on insight into churches in the Western World. Find out more…

The Cost of Equality

(Canberra, August 18)

Australian Christian Lobby invites you to join us for an evening with acclaimed U.S. author, speaker and scholar Dr. Ryan Anderson PhD. In his trademark clear and forensic style, Dr. Anderson will share underexplored insights and facts about the future of marriage and religious freedom – and how the reality of our current trajectory could represent the greatest cost to our quality of life. Find out more…


(Sydney, August 19)

QndA draws pollies, priests and professors – of different faiths and traditions – to UNDA to thrash out (what should be) the hot issues of the day. It's about faith and reason in action. QndA lets the audience ask the questions: on anything, from anyone. Going beyond the sound-bite and the narrowly political, QndA brings together people of depth to discuss issues of depth. It's open, passionate, and respectful. Find out more…

The Cost of Equality

(Melbourne, August 20)

Australian Christian Lobby invites you to join us for an evening with acclaimed U.S. author, speaker and scholar Dr. Ryan Anderson PhD. In his trademark clear and forensic style, Dr. Anderson will share underexplored insights and facts about the future of marriage and religious freedom – and how the reality of our current trajectory could represent the greatest cost to our quality of life. Find out more…

P&A Evening Seminar: Men and Women in Ministry

(Sydney, August 20)

Observations from a national church, a gospel network, and a local congregation. Find out more…

Dr Douglas Sweeney on Jonathan Edwards

(Brisbane, August 21)

Come and spend a day hearing about Jonathan Edwards from one of the world's top Edwards scholars, Douglas Sweeney. Dr. Sweeney works at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he is Chair of the Church History & History of Christian Thought Department, Professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought, and Director of the Jonathan Edwards Centre. Find out more…

The Mask You Live In

(Sydney, August 21)

The Mask You Live In ultimately illustrates how we, as a society, can raise a healthier generation of boys and young men. Find out more…

Pleasure, Meaning and the Death of God

(Sydney, August 21)

Drawing on Nietzsche, Professor Volf will explore two pervasive and mutually reinforcing nihilisms of our time – our misplaced search for meaning, and our wrongheaded pursuit of pleasure – and counter common critiques of religion by arguing that faith in God intensifies and deepens enjoyment of the world, uniting both meaning and pleasure. Find out more…

God and the Good Life: A Manifesto for a Public Theology

(Sydney, August 22)

Professor Volf is founder and director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, which is seeking to answer two huge questions. For the church: “How can ‘theology’ get out of its narrow box and make broader contributions to all of life and society?” And for the world at large: “Where can we find meaning and how can we live the truly good life?” Find out more…

Engage Conference

(Katoomba, August 21-23)

Proverbs gives us understanding, insight, knowledge, guidance and instruction and then applies these to relationships, family, work, money, anger and more. Join us at ENGAGE:15 as we hear God speak in Proverbs. Find out more…

Perth Men's Convention

(Perth, August 22)

With Vaughn Roberts. Find out more…

Jonathan Edwards Congress

(Melbourne, August 24-28)

We invite you to attend the international Jonathan Edwards Congress at Ridley, when historians, theologians and pastors from every continent will present lectures and lead our discussions on the history of evangelicalism. Find out more…

Preaching Doctrine in the Contemporary Culture

(Melbourne, August 25-27)

Annual Preachers' Conference at Ridley College. Find out more…

Redefining Christian Marriage

(Sydney, August 26)

As our society contemplates redefining sexuality and marriage, Christians find themselves increasingly out of step with the ‘orthodoxies’ that dominate public opinion. In the face of this difference and the hostility that often accompanies it, how are Christians to think clearly about the issues, to act courageously and yet graciously, and to speak the words of truth and love that our world needs to hear? Find out more…

Growing God's Church

(Canberra, August 26)

Two events are scheduled for this August with Bob Jackson. He is a former member of the Archbishop George Carey's team on evangelism and has worked extensively with many dioceses and parishes about the strategies for growth. He presents a down to earth, evidence based approached that is encouraging and empowering. Find out more…

Albury Men's Convention

(Albury, August 29)

Albury Men's Convention is run to build up blokes in Christ. Every year we get together to explore the Bible, aiming to build up blokes so that they can be godly pillars in their families and churches. Find out more…

SMBC Biennial Preaching Conference

(Sydney, August 31-September 3)

SMBC Preaching Conference will help you to engage deeply with John’s Gospel and explore how we can present its timeless truths to a changing world. It's not just for preachers, but for Bible study leaders and those who love to delve deeper into the Bible as well. Find out more…

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