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10 Useful Tools to Boost Your Online Event Registrations

An increasing number of ministry activities benefit from online event registrations.

If you live in Australia, check out the event calendar of 50+ Christian events in 2016.

There are some excellent tools available to help you serve the people who will attend your event – benefiting both them and you.

Here’s 10 great new features now available to help you manage your ministry’s event registrations.

1. Book Now, Pay Later

Not everyone who would like to attend your event will be able to pay the full amount upfront. A great way to serve them is to allow them to pay in instalments.

Ticketbook provides a ‘book now, pay later’ service that automatically deducts set amounts from a delegates credit card over a set period of time.

Event Registrations - Ticketbooth - Book Now Pay Later

2. Social Messages

If someone has registered for your event, they are very likely to know others who would benefit. Services like Tito make it easy to craft customised social messages that a delegate can share on social media to promote the event.

Event Registrations - Tito - Social Messages

3. Social Deals and Rewards

Making even more use of social media, tools such as Universe and Outix make it possible for you to reward delegates for sharing your event on social media:

Event Registrations - Universe - Social Deals

Another tool that provides this functionality is RegFox, with their ‘Share and Save’ option:


4. Affiliate Programs

While we’re talking about recognising your event’s advocates, providing an affiliate program is a great way to incentivise word of mouth promotion.

Eventbrite (and to a more complex extent, Register Now) make this possible – tracking referrals to your event from a unique URL.

Event Registrations - Eventbrite - Affiliate

5. No Per-Ticket Fees

In an industry that is dominated by complicated fee structures, Ticket Tailor provides a refreshingly different approach.

Instead of paying per ticket fees (often in the ballpark of $2.5 + $0.30 per ticket), Ticket Tailor has a monthly subscription fee. With this fee, you get unlimited tickets. With a higher monthly fee, you can host multiple events. For larger events and conferences, this is particularly useful.

Event Registrations - Ticket Tailor - No Per Ticket Fees

6. Pay What You Want

Radiohead may have pioneered this unconventional pricing approach, but ticket providers are now making this possible too. The Storyline Conference with Donald Miller was the first Christian event I’ve seen offering this option.

With Tito, you can create a ticket without a set price, and delegates can pick what they want to pay. This can also be combined with a ‘suggested donation’ – e.g. to cover the base costs of the event.

Event Registrations - Tito - Pay What You Want

7. Reserved Seating

In a culture where people are increasingly delaying decision-making, it can be useful to provide incentives for delegates to register sooner rather than later.

Services including Ticketbooth and Eventbrite include the ability to display or create a seat map. Delegates can then select their seats on a first-come, first-served basis.

The seat designer tool from Eventbrite is particularly impressive:

Event Registrations - Eventbrite - Seat Designer

8. Realtime Analytics

Access to real-time data can be both encouraging and motivating for the people organising your event.  With the dashboards provided by services such as Ticketbooth and Tito, you can see your event registrations and celebrate your progress on the big screen:

Event Registrations - Ticketbooth Realtime Analytics

9. Group Registrations

Making group registrations easy is a win-win approach. It helps group leaders with the unenviable task of getting others organised, and it helps your event registrations.

This is provided by solutions such as Register Now (perhaps the best I’ve come across) and Eventbrite:

Event Registrations - Eventbrite - Group Registration Success

10. Twitter Walls and Instagram Streams

As people register for your event, generate buzz with Activity Walls. Link to your wall on the  confirmation page or in subsequent email communication, and encourage delegates to get talking about your event on Twitter and Instagram:

Event Registrations - Universe - Activity Wall

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