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12 ideas to promote Easter church services

I’ve been exploring different concepts and angles – each with the aim of connecting with people who know little of Christianity and the significance of Easter.

Below are some ideas – very much in draft format and in the brainstorming stage – that I share with the hope of helping you as you prepare. If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them!

2 years ago I shared 7 more ideas for Easter marketing campaigns. You might also like to check out the full collection of Easter resources here.

1. Newspaper collage

Newspapers are filled with headlines of bad news, and people are familiar with reading these – shooting, floods, economic downturn, etc. Fill a postcard with a collage of these headlines, and then in the middle of the card in a different sized and coloured text, display a headline with a positive message about Easter. For example:

  • ‘Death defeated by love’, or
  • ‘Death swallowed up in victory’, or
  • ‘Jesus destroys death and offers eternal life’, or
  • ‘Jesus: Hope now available beyond the grave’

2. Love came down

A simple picture of a cross (perhaps with a silhouette of a body hanging) with the title ‘Love came down’.

Lightstock has some good images that could be used for this concept, for example:


3. Nothing is impossible (version 1)

Inspired by this campaign by Adidas are 2 ideas on the topic of ‘impossible’:

A simple picture of a gravestone with the words ‘Nothing is impossible with God’.

4. Nothing is impossible (version 2)


Nothing is impossible with God.

5. But God

Side A of the postcard might simply display the words ‘But God’.

Side B might use Ephesians 2:4 as the launchpad, exploring the word ‘but’, and what it means for us at Easter.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.45.17 AM

6. You can’t keep the dead God down

This campaign could have extended copy explaining why God was dead, and why he rose to life.

7. Scoreboard

A scoreboard image with the words:

Jesus: 1. Death: 0.


8. Is 500 witnesses enough?

This campaign could expand on 1 Corinthians 15, but to be honest, I’m not sure that the ‘historical accuracy’ is an apologetic angle that connects with people as it did several years ago.

9. Do you have hope?

A simple question to get people thinking.

I saw this in action in the Church Marketing Lab.

10. A bloody mess

A picture of the pierced Jesus hanging on the cross with the words “A bloody mess”. On the back, is an explanation of why Jesus became a bloody mess for us (to tidy up the mess we had created).

11. Bunny didn’t die for you

Picture of a chocolate Easter bunny, with the words “He didn’t die for you”.

12. “What do you mean Easter isn’t about me?”

This is inspired by another campaign I saw on the Church Marketing Lab. It quotes one bunny saying to another “What do you mean Easter isn’t about me?”.


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