This afternoon I came across “17 ways to use Twitter – a Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business owners” (thanks @pollystreet). The article is a good read for churches too, but I thought I’d add to the discussion with some more ideas for using Twitter for ministry. Here’s 15, in no particular order, that I’ve sent out from my church’s account – @cbtbkirribilli.

  1. Tweet about upcoming church activities (e.g. “Community lunch this Sunday at 12.30pm. Come along, meet local members of our community, enjoy tasty food”.)
  2. Tweet to encourage church members to read beforehand, the Bible passages that will be preached at church on the weekend.
  3. Tweet a passage of Scripture (e.g. “Jesus – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”. Matthew 22 verse 37″)
  4. Tweet to encourage people to read, and share what they are reading (e.g. “I’m reading ‘Faith Beyond Feelings’ by Jonathan Edwards ( ). What are you reading?”)
  5. Tweet to let people know when the church website is updated with new content (e.g. “Bible talks from the weekend – Genesis 5-8 (Get in the ark!) and Hebrews 4, are now online.“)
  6. Tweet to urge people to pray (e.g. “Our 125-year anniversary activities kick off this Saturday with the fair trade marketing & winter appeal. Please pray.”)
  7. Tweet to request feedback on church activities (e.g. “We’re reviewing the monthly church newsletter – would love your feedback.“)
  8. Tweet to encourage church members to sign-up to special events (e.g. “Sign up for our free fitness session led by Harbourside Fitness, 8.30am on 30 May (and bring a friend!).“).
  9. Tweet to share answered prayer (e.g. “Praise God – the rain held off til 3pm! A fantastic day – lots of people, good conversations, tasty cupcakes, funky music. God is very good.”)
  10. Tweet to share thought provoking quotes from other Christians on Twitter (e.g. “”Sin is the despairing refusal to find your deepest identity in your relationship and service to God.” – Tim Keller. h/t @HarrisJosh“)
  11. Tweet to point people to resources that reinforce the themes of recent sermons (e.g. “The heavens declare the glory of God. Beautiful video to remind us of the wonder of creation. “Time lapse earth” –“)
  12. Tweet to invite people to get attend community activities (e.g. “Check out ‘Breathe’ – an art exhibition by Chris Ireland, winner of the I HEART ‘people’s choice award’ –“)
  13. Tweet to encourage people to share how they are growing in the Christian life (e.g. “What have you learnt as a Christian? An opportunity to share and encourage in 200 words or less.“)
  14. Tweet links to articles that will encourage growth in godliness (e.g. “How to identify evidences of God’s grace in your life –
  15. Tweet lyrics from great Christian hymns and songs (e.g. “Grace and love, like mighty rivers, poured incessant from above. And Heav’n’s peace and perfect justice, kissed a guilty world in love.”)

What would you add to this list? How is your church using Twitter?

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