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20 Christmas videos for church services

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In recent years, I’ve collected videos suitable for Christmas church services, and this year is no exception. Below are 5 videos I’ve discovered this year, along with some links to videos shared in previous years. All up, there’s 20 Christmas videos for your perusal – I’ll add some more here as I come across them.

Here’s videos featured in previous years:

‘Tis the Season

Isaiah 9

A simple Bible reading. The wording is a bit small for my liking, but this would work well on Christmas Eve.

O Come Let Us Adore

This video encourages viewers to put aside their issues, and come to Jesus. The soundtrack is beautiful. I couldn’t embed the video, so click on the image below to watch it on a different site.

Just Come Home

A song that describes the story of the Prodigal Son with call to ‘just come home’. It’s a similar tone to ‘O Come Let Us Adore’, and while not particularly ‘Christmas’, it was played at Newspring Church as their Christmas opener.

The Paradox of Christmas

This video tells the Christmas story – with a summary of why Jesus came into the world, with a nice call to action. The only “That night he became our king…”

Finally, I didn’t really understand this video for Hillsong Cape Town

Seen other Christmas videos? What’s your church doing? Let us know in the comments below.

An observation: I’d love to see a bit more ‘joy’ in Christmas videos. Christmas is good news – Jesus has come into the world! I’m noticing in a lot of videos made for churches (not just at Christmas), that the tone can be a bit negative, along the lines of “yeah, life can be rubbish, so come to God”. I think this approach is certainly useful for some people (recognising that we know life isn’t what it should be), but I wonder if we’re getting a bit lazy in the levers we use to get people’s attention. Just a thought…

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  2. gerbs

    December 14, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Thanks for collating these.  It is such a help!  Here’s my thoughts and other ideas …

    The Social Christmas is by far the best one out there at the moment (and is the top seller) however it has three drawbacks.  1. Anyone on facebook has already seen it pop up countless times because everyone shares it on facebook (last year especially). 2. It excludes kids because of all the reading. 3. For a text only clip it is on the long side.

    So I’m leaning towards  Retooning the Nativity.  It is engaging and entertaining for all ages.  It makes a good point.  Some poeple might consider the language borderline – ‘blast’ and ‘bloomin’.  So churches will need to think of their context and make an appropiate call.

    Failing those two options, there is also, Christmas In A Nutshell.  It is also all text, so  I’d recommend getting an Aussie voiceover to record the spoken words. This would make it more accessable to kids (and those with low literacy).  

    Also, I watched He Came.  This clip could work nicely at a 11pm Christmas Eve service.  It is simple and yet powerful.  With lights dropped and sound up, I think the atmospere will really enhance the clip too.

  3. Dan Millest

    December 21, 2012 at 7:58 am

    I made this animated nativity on Matthew 1:18-24 which you might find of use:

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