Back in December I shared some videos that could be used in Christmas services (Christmas Media Resources and The Christmas Story in Less Than 30 Seconds). A couple of weeks out from Easter, here’s some video inspiration for before and during your Easter services.

Hyper Pixels Media has a contemporary Easter invite, to get your congregation pumped about inviting friends, colleagues and neighbours to church (click on the image to view the video):

Contemporary church invite

Mars Hill Church have bought the URL that links to a video to prepare the hearts of the congregation before the Good Friday  services (click on the image to view the video):

Who Killed God

Shift Worship have produced a unique line drawing video depicting the Easter story (click on the image to view the video):

Easter Drawing

Igniter Media have turned a great old hymn into a video (click on the image to view the video):

Because He Lives

Igniter Media have also produced Proof – it’s simple, but effective:

If mini-movies aren’t your thing, you might be interested in background videos. These are basically images with a little bit of movement that could be played, for example, on the data projector during a solo item, or as communion is taking place. Here’s a background video from Shift Worship (click on the image to see how the movement works):

Cross on Red

There’s also a large range of ‘stills’ – images that could be used in PowerPoint presentations, or in handouts, service sheets or on outreach materials:

Cross at Sunset

Jesus Rough 2

There are stacks more Easter resources out there for you to explore. Worship House Media have the largest collection in their Easter Store (gathering resources from a number of producers and artists), with a large collection of mini-movies, background videos and stills. I also recommend Igniter Media and Shift Worship.

If you’ve discovered some good media resources for Easter, please share them with us!

Poll: videos in churches

I’m running a poll to discover how willing churches are to use video in their services. If your church is reluctant to use video, why is that? Don’t have the hardware to play video? Too worried about something going wrong with the technology? I’d love to learn more about why your church is reluctant to use video (if it is!).

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