Last year I shared with you some Easter media resources (as well as part 2 on Communicate Jesus). This year I’d like to share six new videos with you that I’ve enjoyed watching, and think could serve your congregations well over Easter. You can find more Easter videos on the WorshipHouse Media website.

Easter Reward

Perhaps the reward is worth the risk? A video for the lead-up to Easter services.

The Veil

I wouldn’t have thought about creating an Easter video focusing on the veil being torn, but Dan Stevers explains why there was a veil, and what Jesus did about it.

It Is Finished

One line I wasn’t sure about – ‘they trade him blow for blow’ – I’m not sure that Jesus was handing out any blows on that fateful day. But otherwise, a beautiful poem.

The Cross

This video explains what people were attempting to achieve with the cross, but what the cross actually resulted in.

Empty Tomb

This video uses text to tell the story of the discovery of the empty tomb (i.e. it’s good for Easter Sunday!)

A Simple Message of Hope

This video uses a child’s voice and a simple animation to tell the Easter story.