Google is starting to scare me

This video about Google's expanding influence made me feel quite uncomfortable...

I’ve written a lot about Google and the usefulness of its products. For example:

There are so many useful applications of Google’s products.

Last year I wrote about Google’s moves to be more transparent in the information they collect (see ‘What does Google know about you?‘). However, this video (from ABC1’s Hungry Beast) made me feel quite uncomfortable:

Should we be concerned?

What are the risks with Google owning so much, and having access to so much information?

Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

(Feature image source: BNET Australia)



  • Steve Boxwell

    Yes you should be concerned! Though I’m a little hurt that my doomsday predictions in conversations have previously gone unheeded Steve :) Perhaps if I had made a pretty graphic…

    With more and more of our life lived on the internet, it’s kind of like having several CCTV cameras zoomed in on you for much of the day. As long as that information is held by a company who is happy to protect your privacy (which lets assume it is for the sake of argument) that’s fine, but google is very regularly a target for data thieves and presumably it’s only a matter of time before the walls are breached.

    There is always the opportunity to opt out though,

  • Steven Kryger

    Hi Steve, you were probably the conscience in my ear that I was trying hard to ignore :) The challenge is that we have learnt to live with Google’s products, and in fact, they are hard to live without, because they are often the best options out there.

  • Calum Henderson

    Wow, it seems like Google has crept up on the world.

    It is scary to think how Google could use it’s power in the future. However if it’s primary goal is to make profits through advertising, then surely not harm can come of that.

    And Google has made some excellent products even better. Eg. HTML5 YouTube, and one of the best mail clients out there!

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  • &rew

    But their line is “Don’t be evil”. I’m convince (and I am a bit of a google fanboy). In other news m&m’s melt in your mouth, not in your hand…