Tools for ministry: Clicky

Here’s some questions for you:

  • how many visitors does your church website receive?
  • is this number increasing or declining?
  • what are the most popular pages on your site?
  • how long do people spend on your site?
  • which page are people most likely to leave your site from?
  • how many people are viewing your site from their mobile phone?
  • what do people search for to find their way to your site?
  • what do people search for when they arrive at your site?

These questions are answered by using an analytics application, and analysing this data assists to continually improve your website to ensure it is useful to those who visit it.

I’ve used a couple of different analytics applications, namely:

There’s a limit to the number of analytics programs you can use because the more you use, the slower your site will be. So I’ve limited my analytics to two applications:

  1. Google Analytics, and
  2. Clicky

Google Analytics is the industry-standard and a no-brainer. However, there’s so much data available and so many ways to view it, it can be a little bit overwhelming. This is where Clicky enters the scene, and provides not only an application that is very easy to use, but one with its own secret weapon.

Clicky’s Interface

First off, the interface. Here’s what the dashboard looks like (click to enlarge):

The data Clicky provides is comprehensive – traffic sources, web browsers, operating systems, countries, cities, searches, downloads, clicks – if you can track it, Click reports on it!

It’s also very easy to view your visitor data on your mobile device (if that’s the kind of thing you like to check out while you’re on the move!):

Clicky’s Secret Weapon

However, here’s the main reason I use Clicky. Clicky has a feature that not even Google Analytics provides. Real-time data. The data that you view in Clicky is real-time – you don’t just see what happened yesterday or three months ago, but you can see what’s happening on your site now. How many people are on your site, what countries they are from, who referred them, what they are looking at. This is known as ‘Spy’ , and it’s a really useful tool. You can:

How Much?

Clicky provides a free version, but the Spy function isn’t included. I use the ‘Blogger’ plan at US$4.99 per month – it’s not free, but it’s close enough! I use this for 98% of my analytics activities, and occasionally pop back into Google Analytics if I’m after some super-complex data (which isn’t very often!).

I highly recommend it.

And if you decide to use it for your church website, can I ask a favour? Click on this link to Clicky ( – or any other link that I’ve included in this post. Why? If you click on one of those links I’ll receive a small proportion of your payment for referring you. It’s not much, but if you were going to sign-up anyway this will help me keep Communicate Jesus running. Thanks.

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