15 examples of church newsletters and bulletins

UPDATE: If you’re exploring church bulletins, you might like to check out Bulletin Plus! They are a sponsor of Communicate Jesus, and “make your bulletin accessible to a mobile generation”. Find out more.


As I develop a communications strategy for my church next year, I’ve been considering the role of our weekly, printed newsletter. I’m considering questions including:

  • what information should it contain?
  • what size should it be?
  • how frequently should it be published (we trialled monthly last year)

For some time now, I’ve been collecting examples of other church newsletters and bulletins. I share them with you below to provide ideas and inspiration to help us all improve our newsletters. I’ve also included some thoughts about what I like about each newsletter listed below.

1. The Bridge Church (website)

It’s short and punchy, with short blocks of text, and clear contact details for staff and upcoming event information.

2. Crossway Baptist Church (website)

Includes the church’s Bible reading plan, warm and concise information for newcomers, plus information about the environmental impact of producing the bulletin!

3. Church by the Bridge (website)

I scanned our newsletter in (hence the poor quality) – but you get the idea of what my church is currently doing!

4. Christ Church Inner West (website)

Includes prayer points for link missionaries, plus news targeted at newcomers and members. CCIW has also made their service booklets (order of service) available for download.

5. Redeemer Presbyterian Church (website)

It’s six pages and quite text heavy, but there are some meaty articles for regulars and newcomers to get their teeth into.

6. All Saints Petersham (website)

This newsletter is available in print at the service, and via Issuu afterwards. It’s a quarterly newsletter with lots of photos, interviews with members, a post event wrap-up, photos of the staff, and even a crossword!

7. St Paul’s Anglican Church (website)

This newsletter makes use of sermon artwork, has details of the service for this week and next, contact details for ministry leaders, and lots of other church news. Perhaps the most comprehensive and content-rich newsletter in the list.

8. St Paul’s Anglican Church Ginninderra (website)

Includes a ‘thought for the month’, and a history of one of the ministries of the church, as well as a summary of proceedings at the recent Parish Council meeting.

9. Lower Mountains Anglican Parish (website)

A collection of prayer points, plus a mention of a member who had won a major songwriter’s prize!  I think it’s great to see a newsletter sharing family news.

10. Bethlehem Baptist Church (website)

Includes a calendar for the month, memory verses, congratulations, ‘missionaries of the week’, and an article – ‘Discerning Idolatry in Desire’.

They also produce a newsletter for women’s ministry.

11. Tenth Presbyterian Church (website)

Includes an order of service, a warning about not taking the Lord’s Supper seriously, and a ‘project of the month’ – amongst a range of other useful details.

12. Stonebriar Community Church (website)

A full-colour magazine-style newsletter, with articles from several of the staff, and a calendar that’s broken down by audience.

13. Church of the Open Door (website)

Includes a preview of what to expect in the coming months, plus catching up with members who no longer attend the church.

14. Crossroads Christian Church (website)

I love the optimism on this newsletter – it includes a tear-off slip for newcomers, and the first check box says ‘I’d like to become a Christian’!

15. Willetton Christian Reformed Church (website)

Includes details of members celebrating their birthdays (a nice personal touch!), and the church rosters.

Seen any other electronic examples of church newsletters? Please post links below.

On a related note, I find it very interesting that the School of Life has created its own parish newsletter! Scroll to the end of the post for the link.



  • http://nwbingham.com Nathan W. Bingham

    I’ve been waiting a while for this post. ;-)

    I look forward to looking through the link, getting some ideas, and also seeing what you finally come up with.

  • http://www.macquarieanglican.org roger

    This is handed out in hard copy on Sunday


    Conversion to pdf for the web site has some problems-as you can see.


  • http://nwbingham.com Nathan W. Bingham

    It would be great if you could add thumbnails to each so we could decide which we want to take the time to download for a closer look. A lot of time I know, but it would save me time. :-)

  • Steven Kryger

    Hi Nathan, if I get some time, I’ll give this a go. Good idea!

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  • Sharon

    Here’s ours, just for another idea… http://www.riveroflife.com.au/In%20the%20Know.pdf

  • sktafu

    so how do you get folks to READ the newsletter – a lot of our esteemed elders don’t even read the Sunday bulletin let alone the monthly newsletter???

  • Hannah

    I’m the editor of my church Newsletter and I do my best to use colours and graphics as well as the layout itself to make it engaging and easy and fun to read. I’ll post a link above.

  • Hannah

    I’m the editor of my church newsletter. Here is a link to our April 2013 issue http://issuu.com/hannahmarie/docs/april_newsletter_2013-2
    And here is a link to our issuu library which has several months worth of back issues.
    We print them with the front and back covers in colour and the inside pages b/w then encourage as many as possible to read it online rather than in print.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanne.cantrell Joanne Cantrell

    Hannah, I really like your newsletter. It’s not crowded and is easy to read. I like your use of color. Oh to have a color copier to do mine on. I really like the card ministry you do too. I think I would like to start something like that at our church. :)

  • Hannah

    Here is our church newsletter – we also do a hard copy version, but it is much easier to fit in a lot of info in the easy to read online version. http://www.fbcp.org/Uploaded/29ebldr.pdf

  • First Church of Christ

    Our website includes a page for all our newsletters that can be opened as .pdf files. The main article we call Preacher’s Point is also posted as a blog.