Yesterday I visited the City campus of Hillsong church.

Two things stood out to me about their approach to welcoming:

  1. Multiple welcomes are good. As my friend and I walked off the street and into the foyer, 6 people welcomed us to church. The welcomers weren’t there to engage in conversation – but this simple phrase “welcome to church”, repeated by different people with a warm smile, was a significant way to start the gathering.┬áIt’s simple, but significant.
  2. Clear signage is good. At the end of the service, the gospel was shared and people were encouraged to respond – this was great! The people who responded were given a Bible, but they were also told where to get a Bible – from the ‘Bible pick-up point’ – if they happened to miss out. In the foyer after the service, there were lots of signs (including a guy holding a sign above his head!) – pointing to the Bible pick-up point. The service leader explained that the best gift the church could give was the Bible, and they wanted people to get one. This wasn’t just said – their signage emphasised how important this is, and made it clear how to get a Bible.

Two questions to ponder:

  1. Is everyone who arrives at your church welcomed by a smiling face?
  2. Do you have signage that provides clear directions to what’s important?

Posted by Steven Kryger

Founder of Communicate Jesus.

  • Sam Freney

    Interesting. Neither point was true at the main campus a couple of weeks ago.