No more ‘under construction’ banners

This church (remaining nameless) has had this sign on its homepage for at least several years:

The site (which is one page) has this encouragement:

For anyone who might have been keeping an eye on the site, it’s been a pretty disappointing wait!

As one study concluded:

“Users also felt that “under construction” signs were disrespectful of their time.”

Tony explains neatly on Twitter:

“If it wasn’t important enough to get it ready for launch, you’re never going to do it”.

The answer is simple – remove the ‘under construction’ sign.

As another author explained:

“There is really no point in saying that your web page is “under construction”. If your page is not yet finished, then you should not be publishing it.”

Please, churches. No more ‘under construction’ banners on our websites.

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