Ideas to help your church plan for Easter in 2012

As of this Friday, Easter is just 6 weeks away!

To help you plan for promoting Easter services at your church, here’s some links to explore. Also included are links to videos you might like to include in your services.

What’s your church doing this Easter?



  • Andrew Beeston

    I’m thinking this year of suggesting a theme based around those ‘my family’ stickers. I haven’t fleshed it out much yet but it could be ‘Let’s join families this Easter’ or some such.

  • Bren McLean

    Thanks for the suggestions Steve. We’re doing a series on the CROSS (who isn’t – ha).

  • Steven Kryger

    What a great idea Andrew! Nice one – let me know how you go with it.

  • Cam

    Vine Church in Surry Hills is promoting its Easter services and also a series of talks after Easter on postcards, posters, Facebook ads + walk up.

  • Steven Kryger

    Thanks Cameron, I’ll take a look.

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