• http://www.facebook.com/people/James-R-Olson/1248587113 James R. Olson

    This video doesn’t do anything of the sort

  • Dominic Steele

    It would be great for each of us to help distribute this virally.

  • Dominic Steele

    Not sure what you mean James?

  • http://www.communicatejesus.com Steven Kryger

    I’m not sure what you mean James.

  • freedom from religion

    This “short but powerful” video hardly “unpacks the practical out workings of Richard Dawkins’ beliefs”.  By attempting to depict Dawkins as an emotionally devoid human, all it proves is the ability to miss quote a book as well as use words out of context.  This video doesn’t make me doubt Richard Dawkins in the least, rather, it makes me doubt the integrity and moral fiber of the creators of it.  In fact, seeing a mock clip of a child being hit by a bus really puts a damper on my day.

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