Preaching with people you have differences with

After a couple of days at the Hillsong conference, I asked the question on Twitter:

I was prompted to ask this after hearing one speaker in particular, however, until I can clearly articulate my reasons for disagreement, I won’t go into more detail.

Let me state two things straight up:

  1. No one’s asked me to speak at their conference, let alone the Hillsong conference!
  2. We have theological differences with everyone. If you were only to share the platform with someone you agreed with entirely, you’d be preaching alone.

So the question isn’t necessarily one of complete agreement, but the areas (if any) in which agreement is essential. Obviously, we want to agree on the foundational truths of the Christian faith, but what if we feel there is an unhelpful distortion, emphasis, or lack of emphasis?

One person responded on Twitter:

“An opportunity to preach in front of 20K with solid teaching, bring it on.”

However, is there a risk that by preaching with others you don’t agree with, you are implicitly endorsing their ministry?

I’m still thinking through these questions, and I’m very cautious about being critical online.If you have some wisdom, I’d love to hear it.

I was encouraged by this sermon from Matt Chandler, preaching at Elevation Church – a church very different to his own. Justin Taylor:

“How do you go and preach in an environment where the pastor and the church have a very different understanding of theology, celebrity, and ministry philosophy than the one you live and proclaim? I thought Matt Chandler showed how in this talk at Elevation Church pastored by Steven Furtick. It’s a combination of boldness, winsomeness, and gospel proclamation.”

Watch it:

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