From ‘Speaking of Jesus: How to tell your friends the best news they’ll ever hear‘:

“Christianity is not an academic exercise. What is required is to respond. If anyone, from a choirboy to a hardened prison inmate, decides to follow Christ, the response is the same. We come to God as both our lover and our judge. We speak to him and to him alone. We tell him that we are aware of the distance between us. We tell him we desire to restore the relationship broken by our evil. (Evil can be as blatant as cheating on our spouse or as slippery as loving money or feeling pride.) Whatever it is, we tell him we are willing to do an about-face from this evil to follow him. We tell him that we believe in his sacrifice on the cross as┬ápayment for our evil. We tell him we believe in the miracle of his resurrection. Finally we tell him we are willing to follow him, in faith, as leader of our lives in a relationship that is personal, not academic-no matter where that takes us.”

Posted by Steven Kryger

Founder of Communicate Jesus.