• Andrew Vella

    I didn’t like that 2 Ways to Live didn’t have an android app and that their website was not mobile friendly, so I made this site for myself: https://2wtl-ampers.rhcloud.com/

    I also have this app on my phone: http://viewthestory.com which seems to be well produced, I haven’t really sat down and looked at it all yet.

  • http://www.communicatejesus.com Steven Kryger

    Great work Andrew! Thanks for sharing.

  • Brandt

    Also check out GM2:8 from Living Waters. http://www.TheGM28.com this is a free iOS app for not only sharing the gospel, but sharing it in many different languages.

  • http://veritasdomain.wordpress.com/ SLIMJIM

    Wow thanks!

  • Kaitlin

    Yes, the GM28 from Living Waters is extremely cool! Lots of options, there. Totally recommend!

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