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30+ resources to help you read the Bible in 2012


So you want to read the Bible more in 2012? Great!

Perhaps like me, this isn't a new desire. You've started the year with grand aspirations to read the Bible that have slowly (or quickly) fizzled out. Take heart from Noel Piper, who explains how she saw through a year of reading her Bible – all 66 books!

Here are some resources to make 2012 a year of reading the Bible and growing in your love of God. There's something for everyone – reading plans (beginner to advanced!), devotional resources for individuals and families, questions to ask as you read, as well as tips for memorising and journaling.

I thought this tip was helpful:

“If you fall behind in your reading don’t force yourself to catch up. Bible reading plans can become a source of pride and legalism.”

Bible Reading Plans

First of all, check out ‘why read with a plan?

Justin Taylor has compiled a comprehensive list of reading plans, plus some helpful links to get you started.

Ligonier has put together another comprehensive list.

NewSpring Church have a collection of 21-day, 100-day, 6-month and one-year plans.

BibleGateway will send you readings from the New Testament, or the Old and New Testament each day.

YouVersion has a huge collection of reading plans, and you can choose to receive this in a variety of formats. They'll even send you a daily reminder!

Scripture Union has the E100 Bible Reading Challenge.

There's the Bible Eater Plan.

If you'd prefer to print out a plan, try this two-year Bible reading plan (PDF) or Don Whitney's Bible reading record (PDF).

If you're feeling brave, you might like to sign-up to the 3650 Challenge to read 10 chapters of the Bible each day. It's based on Professor Horner's Reading Plan, and while it sounds ambitious, it's not impossible! As the author of the plan explain:

“DO NOT be intimidated! I was a college dropout, ex-heavy-druggie when I started it. If I can do it — so can you!”.

You could also start reading the Bible with someone else in some ‘one-to-one Bible reading‘.

I'm reading – now what?

Take a look at:

Daily Devotionals

If you'd like some ‘For the love of God‘ by Don Carson is a book with four daily readings, plus thought-provoking reflections and comments. You can also read these devotionals online.

Tabletalk is a magazine produced by Ligonier Ministries, and has a daily Bible study. They also provide an extensive collection of online devotionals “to encourage your heart and mind in the pursuit of God and his glory”.

30 Words – a devotional for the rest of us. A devotional, Bible reading and challenge.

At Grace to You, John Macarthur has 4 different collections of daily devotionals, with Bible readings, prayer suggestions, and questions for reflection.

BibleGateway has 22 daily devotionals that you can have delivered to your inbox each day/week.

Anglican YouthWorks has produced the REAP Journal for kids, adults and youth with daily readings, and space to reflect and pray.

Tim Keller has a series of talks on the topic ‘The devotional life‘.

Family Devotions

If you'd like to start reading the Bible with your children, John Piper has responded to the question ‘How did you do family devotions when your kids were real little?' and ‘How do you do family devotions?‘.

The readings in the REAP Journal (mentioned above) align across the three age groups, so family members can do the readings in their own time, and then discuss and pray together.

Memorising Scripture

The Fighter Verses app (iPhone and Android) by Desiring God is a great tool to help you to memorise Scripture. You can learn more about the Fighter Verses on their website.


If you'd like to keep a record of what you're reading and learning, you might like to consider and YouVersion – both allow you to keep a journal of your Bible reading. There's also an ESV Journaling Bible.

Church Challenges

Park Community Church has a 3-tier mailing list where members can sign-up for Scripture, reflection and application questions, and memory verses.

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  1. Ian

    December 30, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Daily Reading Bible books from Matthias Media:

  2. Michael Kellahan

    December 30, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Thanks for this post Steve -great links –  hope you give it to too. 
    We’re pushing for a sign up to some plan in Jan as we work through the start of Psalm 119. 
    The MTS Bible reading chart is brilliantly simple – just mark off the chapters you’ve read.

  3. Andrew Charleston

    December 30, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Thanks for all the links. I agree with Michael that it is a really helpful list, especially with the new year only a couple of days away.

  4. Steven Kryger

    January 2, 2012 at 11:47 am

    What’s your plan for Bible reading this year, Andrew? Will you be using a plan, or something else? I think I’ll start up the Prof Horner plan again!

  5. Adam Legg

    January 3, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    Thanks so much for this post! A ton of great resources here!

    Adam Legg

  6. david

    January 3, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    I’m currently using youversion – and find it to be great

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