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5 videos every Christian should watch about abortion

As the seventh video is released revealing still more of the horror at Planned Parenthood, the damning attention on the so-called “pro-choice” lobby continues unabated.

Never before has the evil of abortion been so unavoidably visible to so many people. And this is a good thing.

As Hans Fiene wrote earlier this week:

“…the joy pro-lifers felt at the release of these videos came from the belief that maybe, just maybe, unveiling these particular horrors of the abortion industry would be enough to wake up previously indifferent Americans and start moving the wheels of justice for the unborn. Buried in the sewers of those nausea-inducing undercover videos, pro-lifers found a nugget of hope that lets us believe that a stirring victory for our cause is finally on the horizon.”

The videos from the Planned Parenthood sting (and there are more to come) aren’t the only videos to stir you into action. Here are five videos that every Christian should watch. Each video gives a different take on abortion.

There’s Emily who unashamedly recorded that “I feel super good about having an abortion.” At the other end of the spectrum there’s “Who Will Stand” – the inspiring story of a man described as “The Oskar Schindler of the American Holocaust.”

Watch. Share. And pray.

Emily’s Abortion Video

Read more about Emily’s story, with commentary from Albert Mohler.


Matt Chandler and Abortion

Who Will Stand?

Why Defund Planned Parenthood

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1 Comment

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