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8 Tools to Display Tweets at Your Conference or Event

Using a Twitter feed to display tweets at your event is a great way to get people sharing what they’re learning and discussing.

This approach has the added bonus of enabling people who aren’t on Twitter to benefit from this content (and perhaps even join in!).

Here’s how it usually works:

  1. The event has a designated hashtag (e.g. #basecampmen).
  2. Delegates are encouraged to tweet using this hashtag.
  3. You display these tweets on the screen.

Here is a summary of 8 tools that can be used to put your tweets on the big screen.

I’ll be doing this only in the break times at BASECAMP – it’s difficult enough concentrating to a talk without tweets constantly popping up!

From this list, 2 clear winners emerged – tools that combined functionality with ease of use at a reasonable price.

They are:

I’ve summarised the key features and differences, and would love to hear what tools you use for this purpose.


HootFeed is a free tool provided by the social media heavyweight Hootsuite.

It provides options to customise the presentation (including adding logos and using your own colour scheme).


The big downside is the lack of manual moderation – the only filter provided is a filter to screen out profanities.

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There’s a lot to like about the LiveTweetApp.

It’s easy to use.

You can display multiple terms (hashtag, keyword, user).

It’s easy to customise.

The moderation tools are easy to use:


There are multiple layout options for the presentation:


In an interesting point of difference to similar tools, disabling manual moderation is only available with a Pro plan (normally this is a paid add on). The Pro plan is $40 a day, and provides the following (useful, but certainly not essential) functionality:


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PulseWall (Beta)

I couldn’t find out about pricing or packages for PulseWall – from what I gather it is still in Beta. I’ve listed it here for future reference.

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Just a heads up – compared with most other options in this list, TweetBeam isn’t cheap. Starting at $199/day, TweetBeam is on the pricier end of the scale.


Some of the additional features that TweetBeam offers:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Ability to embed TweetBeam on your website
  • Display Twitter and Instagram
  • Advanced search (for a more customised listing)
  • Post-event analytics
  • These are some handy features – whether you want to spend $199 (or more) for them is up to you.

TweetBeam starts at $199/day.

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In my opinion, TweetWall shares the top position with LiveTweetApp.

It is another feature-packed, intuitive tool that is easy to use and it looks great.

It includes much of the functionality of TweetBeam, including analytics, website embedding and Twitter + Instagram.

Some additional functionality includes announcements and polls:


And leaderboards:


The pricing for TweetWall is promoted as simple, but there’s a few layers. For a self-service event (i.e. DIY) the costs are:

  • $29/event day
  • $29 for full moderation/event day
  • $49 to remove the TweetWall logo/event day

This works out at $107 per event day to moderate without their logo. Again, this is more expensive than some of the other options, but it is also offers some more advanced features.

They also offer 20% off to all non-profits, schools and government.

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Similar to HootFeed, Tweetwally is a simple tool with no bells or whistles.

Again, the lack of moderating tools is its biggest downside.

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Twitterfall can be grouped in the same category as Tweetwally and HootFeed.


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Wall of Tweets

Wall of Tweets looks promising and has a couple of additional integrations — including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Foursquare check-in.


However, there’s no pricing information available, and you need to contact them for more details.

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