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8 videos to teach on giving at your church

Yes, talking to people about being generous with (God’s) money can be scary.

However, churches shouldn’t be surprised at the commonly low giving levels if people aren’t taught the why and how of giving.

As part of the communications plan at church, I’ve slotted in segments where we talk about giving. These extended segments take place once a month, and I’ve been researching some videos that could be used to teach people about giving.

These can then be combined with information about the impact of giving to encourage people about the impact of their generosity.

Take for example this video:

Isn’t that an inspiring reminder of the impact of our generosity? Wouldn’t this encourage you to give?

Here are 8 videos worth considering as you teach about giving. If you’ve seen any others, please share them in the comments below.

For an alternative, consider handing out copies of The Treasure Principle – it’s the best book I’ve read on giving.

Learning to Give With Alex

Download here.

We Give

Purchase here.

What Happens to a Dollar

This video is a good example of communicating how money is used.

Double the Impact

Download here.

Why We Give

Purchase here.

Joyful Giving

Purchase here.

A Giving Paradox

Purchase here.

A Biblical Look at Tithing

Purchase here.

Have you seen any other good videos that teach about giving?

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