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Tools for Ministry: Bookcision to Export Your Kindle Highlights

Bookcision for Your Kindle HighlightsWhat is it?

Bookcision is a tool to easily export highlights from your books on Kindle.

How does it help you?

One of the benefits of reading books on Kindle is how easy it is to highlight any passages you would like to remember and return to later. One of the challenges is the difficulty in exporting your Kindle highlights out of your Kindle, and into a more useful format.

There is where Bookcision comes in. From the Bookcision website:

“Bookcision is a Javascript bookmarklet, meaning it should run successfully in any modern browser on either the PC or Mac.

The bookmarklet yields a single page of cleanly styled highlights, which can then be copied to one’s clipboard and pasted into a local text repository (OneNote, Evernote, DevonThink, etc.)

Chrome users will additionally be offered the ability to download the highlights in plain text, JSON, or XML formats.”

For example:

Screenshot - Bookcision for Your Kindle Highlights

What does it cost?

It’s free.

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