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Christian cover photos for Facebook

Punchy Christian quotes, formatted for Facebook.

Download these and other images from Depraved Wretch.

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Steven Kryger

Founder of Communicate Jesus.


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  • Why would anyone want Facebook pages for such a flawed belief system? Running on faith is like saying I don’t have a clue but I will support this because I am afraid to think, much less think on my own… I might be WRONG. Bwaaaah, sob, sob, Bwwwwaaahhh!

    Yeah you might be wrong. What about nearly a hundred thousand other Gods. Why are each and every one of them the wrong god? No, the answer is not “Because Jesus is the right one” The truth here is that you are following society and have no idea whatsoever about any other Gods and damn little about your own.

    You are just afraid to rebuke the social norms by attempting to find the truth. You quivering little sand flea, you. Truthfully, there is no factual God. They are all just inventions by frightened people too stupid to enact a logical construct.

    Yes, that is true.