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Church outreach idea: Has your life lived up to your expectations?

In this video, Randy Alcorn is asked “how do you help unbelievers see their need for Jesus?”.

Randy has a few helpful things to say, but I found this question particularly helpful:

“Has your life lived up to your expectations?”

While this line has real traction with older people (who have lived much of their lives already), there are plenty of younger people who are disappointed with how life has panned out.

I think this has potential as churches seek to engage people with the gospel, and draw people into church.

Watch the video:

Randy also has some great thoughts on dealing with guilt. As he explains, our culture says “never feel guilty”. But our consciences don’t allow that to sit with us.

Instead, a good question to ask is:

“How will you deal with your guilt?”

In the gospel, God says, “I will remove your guilt, if you repent and come to me”. Then you will be guilt-free, not because you’ve convinced yourself you’re not guilty, but because you’ve been forgiven.

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