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How to Create a Marketing Swipe File

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How to Create a Marketing Swipe File

A marketing swipe file is a library of marketing inspiration. Whenever I see a great advertisement, receive a great email, or visit a great website, I capture it in my marketing swipe file.

Then, when I am working on an advertisement, writing an email or building a website, I can turn to this library for inspiration.

It is easy to create a marketing swipe file, and there are many ways to do it. Here’s the 3 tools I use for my marketing swipe file.

Google Drive

I use Google Drive to store nearly all of my files – it’s so convenient to be able to easily share files and folders with the people who need to see them.

I have set-up a folder in Google Drive called ‘Marketing Swipe File’, and within that I have folders for each of the main categories of inspiration. It looks like this:


I found that I was capturing screenshots from all over the web but then I couldn’t remember and reference the source. After some searching I discovered Tiny – it works with the usual (Mac) screenshot functions, but captures the URL of the captured website in the filename.

This turns a filename like this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.53.25 pm

Into this:

Screenshot - Apple (Australia) -


Finally, I use TextExpander to quickly rename the rest of the file so that it can be sorted into the appropriate folder.

When I type in my specified abbreviation (i.e. when I type “.msf”), a pop-up appears with the following:

I can then select the appropriate category and the file will rename using this format, plus the name of the website as captured by Tiny.

This process might be a bit tech-heavy for you, but it gives you can idea of how you can create a marketing swipe file to easily capture and then find again all of the great marketing content you discover each day.

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