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Explore Life’s Big Questions with the Alpha Film Series

There’s BeanHunter if you want to know where to get good coffee. There’s TripAdvisor if you want to know where to go on holiday. There’s SeatGuru if you want to know where to sit on a plane.

But where do you go when you have big questions about life?

The new Alpha Film Series seeks to help people explore and discover the good news of Jesus Christ. The series repackages the well known Alpha Course, and is a well produced and engaging resource.

And on 1 September 2016, churches all around the world will invite their communities to explore life, faith and God on Alpha.¬†They have made available a collection of assets and stories that churches can use to “Invite a Generation to #TryAlpha”.

There are many different evangelistic courses on offer an Alpha is just one of them. A number of years ago I discovered a comparison chart of 6 of the available offerings.

It’s wonderful to see not only many options for evangelistic courses, but also the continued development of these courses for a new generation.

Watch Episode 01: Is There More To Life Than This?

And here’s a short teaser:

There’s also a series for youth:

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