Giving Graphic: What You Do With Every Cent

Financial generosity is something I've been thinking (and writing) a lot about as I've researched this topic and consider why churches are so reluctant to talk about this important aspect of Christian living.

At my church at the start of this year, we launched a new giving strategy – a new approach to thinking and talking about giving. You can see some of the resources we've developed for this campaign on our website.

In our services each week we have a 2-minute ‘giving segment', teaching on some element of what the Bible has to say about money. To support these segments, I sourced a variety of quotes and Bible verses.

Karen, one of our wonderful designers created this powerful graphic to match an equally powerful quote from John Piper:

Note: if you'd like to use this graphic, please request permission first – thanks.


  • Kurt Peters (@kurtGO28)

    Hi Steve,

    Who do use for your direct debit/credit recurring gift set up? Also who do you use for your giving section on your website? Paypal?



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