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Inspiration: Planning to Come to Darling St Anglican Church

If you’re developing a website for your church and you want it to be super-welcoming for people who haven’t been to church before, here’s a few things you can takeaway from Darling St Anglican Church.

Firstly, this is an all-inclusive welcome to church:

“We believe that Jesus really is divinity wrapped up in humanity, come to love, serve and heal the world. That means we are a community where everybody, and by that we mean everybody, is welcome. Seriously. Jesus embraced any and all who came to him. Rich. Poor. Greedy. White collar criminals. Blue collar criminals. Those with a trail of messed up marriages. Sex workers. Addicts. Uber religious dudes. So you will be welcome. Agnostic. Atheist. Divorced. Single. LGBTI. Happily married with 2.4 kids and a labradoodle. Just come. :)”

If you were wondering if you’d be welcome – this would clear it up!

Secondly, isn’t this a friendly and helpful introduction to help potential visitors know what to expect:

Planning a Visit to Darling St Anglican Church

The only thing that didn’t quite make sense was the ‘Giving’ button in a prominent position at the top of the page.

But that aside, there is a lot to like about and learn from this church website!

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