Job descriptions for ministry volunteers

My colleague, Mark, was at a conference yesterday, where someone suggested ‘job descriptions' for volunteer positions in church.

I can see a lot of benefits in this – clarifying expectations (what the role involves, what skills/character are required, the time commitment), and avoiding some of the misunderstandings that can eventuate when responsibilities are delegated.

I've included a couple of examples before. Does your church do this? Would it be helpful? What would be unhelpful in this approach?

Here's a very simple example from Mars Hill:


I've put together some ‘Volunteer Role Descriptions' for the following positions at Saturday night church. I'd welcome any feedback on how these could be improved:


  • Dan

    This really is good. Had good feedback from some of our leaders. We have tried “vision/goals/guidelines” on a single A4 page but even this is overkill.

    Also, no one reads vision/goals/guidelines in everyday life…its leadership-speak. Simple job descriptions are something everyone can get a handle on and relate too.

    Helpful post.

  • Tom

    As Dan says, getting people to read them is the hard bit. Some techniques:

    1) Link to them from the rosters webpage and mention them every time you email out a roster.
    2) Have hard copies in strategic spots (e.g. the morning tea cupboard)
    3) Use them as the training materials for new volunteers (for roles that have training).
    4) Get people to suggest improvements so they’re living documents

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