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NeuBible – a beautiful, distraction-free Bible app

One of the great blessings of technology is that the Bible has never been more accessible.

There are no shortage of apps to help you read (and listen) to the Bible.*

One of my favourites app is the YouVersion Bible App, which achieved a staggering 100 million downloads by its 5th birthday! On this app you can:

  • Read a verse of the day.
  • Discover and follow Bible reading plans.
  • Get email and push notifications.
  • Share what you’re reading with your friends.
  • Highlight and bookmark passages.
  • Listen to the Bible.
  • And much more!

It is an app full of features, many of which are really helpful, and many of which I use or have used.

But I’ve become increasingly convicted that when I read the Bible, I don’t need or want any distractions.

I don’t want to share what I’m reading.

I don’t want to take notes on what I’m reading.

I don’t want to read what others think about what I’m reading.

I just want to hear from God.

I need to hear from God.

This conviction was both reinforced and enabled when I discovered a collaboration between 2 designers from Twitter and Yahoo,

The result: NeuBible.

It’s a Bible app that is beautifully designed, because design matters (both for the benefit and service of people who use the app, and also for the glory of God).

The developers explain:

“From the choices in font, navigation, use of color and balance in the UI, we have poured all of our knowledge and insights about print, typography, mobile and product design into NeuBible — and we hope that it shows.

For far too long the design community has overlooked the Bible as something worthy of the same level of meaningful consideration as the world’s best works of literature, design objects and software.

We just hope that with NeuBible, we’ve at least moved the needle, if even in a small way.”

Here’s a couple of screenshots to give you a sense of what they have created:



The app does one thing well – it makes it easy to read the Bible, free from the features of other Bible apps that, for me at least, have become a distraction to the main game.

In these early days there are a limited number of translations available (neither the NIV nor my favourite, the Holman, are available), but this looks set to expand. Here’s a short video introduction:

I commend it to you.

Purchase from the iTunes store for US$1.99. It’s now free!

* Interesting sidenote: An atheist is making a very tidy profit after developing a Spanish language Bible app!.

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