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Organise Help in a Crisis with Gather My Crew

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Organise Help in a Crisis with Gather My Crew

There are lots of tools you can use to create a meal roster, for example:

Gather My Crew is a new (free) tool that does much more than just meal rosters. It is designed to “empower people who are facing a crisis to reach out for practical help to get them through these tough times.”

You can identify your needs – from cooking meals and picking up kids from school, to feeding the dog and keeping you company:

You then invite people (your “crew”) to help you with these tasks:

Your crew accepts tasks as they are able, and you get the help you need.

There are some other unique features that have been thoughtfully included. For example, you can indicate people who are in your ‘inner circle’ (see above) – the people you trust to do the most sensitive tasks.

Here’s how Gather My Crew began:

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