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NPR’s April Fool’s Prank illustrates a danger for Christians

As Christians, we know that truth matters. We need to live like it matters.

/ May 5, 2014

Jonathan Edwards on why Christians can be generous

If you're generous, God will look after you. If you're selfish, you're on your own.

/ May 5, 2014
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OneLove – a one-day event to teach and inspire women

August 2, at Australian Technology Park, Redfern.

/ April 22, 2014
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In defence of the altar call

"It was as clear headed a decision as I ever made in my whole life."

/ April 22, 2014

20+ Christian events and conferences in Australia in 2014

Young and old, male and female, leaders and ministry workers - there's something for everyone!

/ April 10, 2014
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Why you should send your staff to conferences

Attending conferences shouldn't be viewed as a luxury or a bonus.

/ March 25, 2014