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12 ideas to promote Easter church services

I've been exploring different concepts and angles - each with the aim of connecting with people who know little of...

  • Outreach

The Best Way to Welcome People to Church

Have a regular attender speak to a newcomer. That's it. This is the best way to make a new person feel welcome to...

  • Church Life

How a humble person volunteers to serve

"I am happy to take on the added responsibility with the new ProPresenter roles but am cautious as I don't want to...

  • Church Life

Tony Morgan on churches saying ‘no’

Tony Morgan in Big Churches Getting Bigger: "Many times you have to say no to adding a new ministry. Many times you...

  • Strategy

Volunteer Thank You Card

It's important to thank God for people. It's also important to thank people. I know how deep an impact is made on me...

  • Church Life

6 tips to help people take the next step at Christmas services

I was on the planning committee for a big outreach event. We had spent months planning. And then we had the key...

  • Uncategorized

16 names for church mid-week groups

Groups City Groups LifeGroups Small Groups Redemption Communities Home Groups Cell Groups Fusion...

  • Church Life

Promoting our ‘Amazing Grace’ series

The series is entitled: We'll be preaching through 3 episodes of life-changing grace, as well as sharing...

  • Church Life

When a church is too empty, or too full

If someone walks into a church and less than 50% of the chairs are filled, it looks too empty. If someone walks...

  • Church Life

Identify your top four ministry priorities

Here they are: Sunday services Community Groups Training Leadership Development That's it. Mars Hill is...

  • Strategy

8 reasons why Catalyst is a conference like no other

Today I attended Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. I've never attended a conference quite like it. Here's 10 things I...

  • Uncategorized

A strategy for combining Bible studies and ministry training

On Friday I met with a friend (thanks Angus) and we were discussing the challenges of involving people in church life...

  • Strategy


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