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What’s Your Budget For Staying Spiritually Healthy?

“Are you serious?! She spent $14,000 on her cat?!” As our lunchtime discussion took a predictable turn to the...

  • Christian Living

Video: Bettie Goes to Jail

  • Videos
How Much Should You Pay Guest Speakers?

How Much Should You Pay Guest Speakers and Musicians?

The average Australian would need to work for more than 5 years (after tax) to pay the speaking fee for a one-hour...

  • Christian Living

3 Simple Steps to Planning A Guest-Friendly Church Website

Have you ever thought you were doing someone a favour only to discover you weren't actually helping at all? Perhaps you...

  • Websites

Video: I’m Gay and I Oppose Same Sex Marriage

  • Videos

Explore Life’s Big Questions with the Alpha Film Series

There's BeanHunter if you want to know where to get good coffee. There's TripAdvisor if you want to know where to go on...

  • Outreach

250 Examples of Church Newsletters and Bulletins

Are you looking for inspiration for your church newsletter or bulletin? Would you like to see what other church are...

  • Church Life

6 Questions to Ask When Your Devotional Life is in a Rut

How's your devotional life? Mine was in a great groove (see '6 Things That Helped Me Start a 104-Day Bible Reading...

  • Devotional Life
Communicate Jesus - 10 Tips to Serve Your Guest Speakers

10 Tips to Serve Your Guest Speakers

I recently spoke with a friend who shared some hilariously awful stories of his guest speaking experiences at Christian...

  • Event Management

Video: What Are You Living For?

[clickToTweet tweet="'You've got a few short years on earth, and then you've got all of eternity somewhere else.'"...

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Accountability Software – Comparing 6 of the Best Tools

Here's an understatement: the internet can be a tempting place. Each of us is tempted in different ways. It may not...

  • Christian Living

Video: Billy Graham on Sermon Preparation

This is only a short video, but there is much to challenge every pastor in this video from Billy Graham on sermon...

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