Facebook, forgiveness and unexpected reconciliation

These two heart-warming stories of forgiveness have one element in common – Facebook. 1. Guantanamo guard forgiven by ex-inmates Brandon Neely was a prison guard for the United States military at Guantanamo Bay. After leaving the military to become …...

/ February 20, 2012

A simple idea to spur on church members via email

‘E-News’ is the weekly email newsletter for Church by the Bridge. In it, we include a section of links from around the web. Generally, these are links I’ve discovered (via feeds I subscribe to in Google Reader), plus links to...

/ February 16, 2012

BYO is good, but give everyone a Bible

When people arrive at a service at your church, do they receive a Bible, or is it a BYO affair? Here’s the case for each approach. The case for giving everyone a Bible At Church by the Bridge, there are...

/ February 14, 2012

Poll: The last taboo question in (evangelical) churches?

I contend that there is one conversation that is still off-limits in evangelical churches. It is: “Do you give financially to gospel causes?” It is more acceptable in churches to ask deeply personal questions relating to sexual purity, than it...

/ February 4, 2012

Why you need systems to grow a church

Darrin Patrick was asked by Ed Stetzer – “why do churches stay small?”. This was his response: “Largely because most pastors don’t know how to build systems, structures, and processes that are not contingent upon them. Most pastors can care...

/ January 20, 2012

Two websites to help you coordinate a meal roster

If you need to coordinate a meal roster (e.g. parents with new babies, people who are sick), these websites will save you time and administrative headaches.

/ January 12, 2012