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10 quality sermon series packages for youth

I recently shared 9 websites to download free sermon series artwork. As I have explored these great resources, I...

  • Church Life

Tools for Ministry: Typeform

What is it? Typeform is a tool that helps you to easily collect information online with engaging and user-friendly...

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How to promote Easter services on your church website

In a random sampling of church websites in 2014, I discovered that 3 days before Christmas, 58% of websites were...

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Video: God Wrote a Book

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Video: Prayers You Might Hear In Church

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Video: If You Had Been Here

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Video: Teach Us To Pray

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Video: He Is Still Risen!

Available to purchase from Igniter Media.

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Book Recommendation: Organizing Love in Church

What is this book about? Organizing Love in Church is a book about how to organize God’s people so that they’re...

  • Church Life

Video: Cross Equals Love

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6 Things That Helped Me Start a 104-Day Bible Reading Habit

Imagine a dentist who doesn’t floss. Or a nutritionist who doesn’t eat vegetables. Or a personal trainer who...

  • Devotional Life

10 Reasons Why Christians Don’t Spend Time With God (and 10 Tips to Help)

Never before have we had such universal access to the Bible - paper, audio, phone, tablet, computer, television, even...

  • Christian Living


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