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Recommended Tools for Christian Ministry

Here is a hand-picked collection of recommended tools for Christian ministry. 

You'll discover a high quality line-up of tools for project management, social media marketing, email newsletters, Bible study and more.

This list has been carefully crafted – if I don't use it and recommend it, you won't see it in this list!

Most people know the importance of using unique, complex passwords for all of their accounts. Most people don’t do this because it’s too hard. This is why I use 1Password and have for more than 5 years.


I’ve used Things, Wunderlist, Omnifocus, Handle, Todoist, TickTick, and many more! In my opinion, 2Do combines the best of all of these tools for getting things done.


I use Asana to manage team-based projects at work. I have used it for 3+ years, and despite reviewing numerous other project management tools, I cannot find a good reason to leave Asana. Best of all, the free plan that Asana provides is more than enough for most churches and ministries. 

Buffer has long been my go-to tool for scheduling content to publish on social media. I've also had great experiences with CoSchedule (but it's more expensive). 

Canva is a graphic design tool for people who aren't graphic designers. I use Canva to create artwork for social media, website banners, ebook covers and much more. It's free and easy to use. For quick jobs, I also use Pablo

Cloud App makes it quick and easy to capture and share screenshots.


Several years ago I compiled a list of 100 church database providers, but I continue to recommend Elvanto. With its quality support, an ever-expanding list of useful features and inspiring mission, Elvanto continues to be an excellent church member database.

Set a quota for how much time you spend on distracting websites.

Feedly enables me to skim through the latest updates from hundreds of websites I follow. It is also very handy for compiling REFUEL each month. 

There are many great tools for creating forms and surveys – I've used and recommend Wufoo, Survey Monkey and Typeform. But I've been using JotForm recently and I'm here to stay!


This is my go-to site for quality stock images for church and Christian media. I am also a regular user of Pexels

Lucidchart is the best tool I've discovered for creating diagrams and flowcharts, as well as mapping out systems and processes.


I’m a new convert to Lumio, but have found it to be the fastest and easiest way to save links, text and images from around the web.

Logos is an incredible tool for Bible study. My only caution – it takes a lot of disk space (more than I can afford on my Macbook Air) so I need to run it off an external hard drive.

If you discover lots of great websites and you want to be able to find them again later, Raindrop is the tool for you. 


At Katoomba Christian Convention, we often create transcripts out of the audio from conference talks. Rev is the tool we use to do this. 

I switched to SendX from MailChimp and I haven't looked back. For email marketing (newsletters and automation) it is the best solution I've found – and it keeps getting better.

If Chrome is your browser, Toby will save you from searching around finding links to your most frequently accessed sites and services. It's free, and makes bookmarks better.

I've used Weebly to create websites for BASECAMP, Katoomba Christian Convention and Easter Convention. It is easier than WordPress, and less frustrating than Squarespace!

This description on the Ulysses website says it well: “A pleasant, focused writing experience combined with effective document management, fast syncing and flexible export make Ulysses the first choice for writers of all kinds.”

Zapier is an automation tool that enables me to connect the different apps I use. There are more than 750 apps that you can get talking to each other! 



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