Old Paths, New Power

Every Christian affirms the importance of prayer, but our lives can often tell a very different story (guilty).

And the same can be true in church life. The publicised beliefs of every Christian church include the vital importance of prayer, but do these core values trickle down to core practices?

In function, we can rely on programs more than prayer. Depending on our ideas and expertise, more than God’s power.

Daniel Henderson writes:

“In church life, prayer is not the only thing we do but must be the first thing we do. It can become the very environment of the ministry. It must be our first resolve not our last resort if our work is to be marked by the unmistakable power of the Holy Spirit. And this will take years, even decades. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.”

And there is this challenge to leaders:

“The prayer level of a church never rises any higher than the personal example and passion of the leaders. The quantity and quality of prayer in leadership meetings is the essential indicator of the amount of prayer that will eventually arise among the congregation.”

This is a compelling book about creating a “prayer culture.”

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