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Recommended Book: Serving Without Sinking


Christians serve. We serve because God served us first.

But it's easy to forget this, and for the joy to be sucked out of our service and for vacuuming, Sunday School teaching, toilet cleaning, Bible study leading and bulletin folding to be done with a less-than-joyful attitude.

The sub-title of “Serving Without Sinking” is “How to serve Christ and keep your joy.” And this is teaching that every Christian needs, isn't it?

This book challenged me in two ways.

  1. There are many bad motivations for serving. We can serve because we think God will love us more (or be less upset with us for falling again this week into that sin we can't seem to let go). We can serve because we want people to think well of us. We can serve because it makes us feel good. We can serve because we feel we can't say no. We can serve because – the list goes on. I was challenged to examine my heart for any wrong motivations for serving, and to ask God to forgive me for these and give me a heart that wants to serve out of love for God and His glory alone.
  2. God doesn't need me. This should go without saying, but on too many occasions I've felt obligated to serve because “If I don't do it, who will?” So this was a good word:

“He doesn't need you to comfort someone. He doesn't need you to plant truths in people's hearts. He's quite capable of doing these things without you. He may do those things through you; but he doesn't depend on you, and He never asks your service to be at the expense of your faith, rest or joy.”

This book is an easy and beneficial read for anyone who is serving, and wants to be reminded of how and why we serve (and perhaps to get back your joy in serving Christ).

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