Tag: Church Member Database


Elvanto introduces a new way to store contacts who don’t yet attend

"Now you can do things like add people to groups and people flows without them being active in the system."

/ June 24, 2014

Easy Jethro – a new church member database

"Less work. More ministry. Easy Jethro."

/ December 6, 2013

Use Elvanto to create an online church member directory

Two reasons to create an online directory, and two principles to implement it.

/ July 24, 2013

Use your member database to keep track of church attendance

A church member database is a great tool for loving people.

/ July 11, 2013

Eliminate the cracks in your ministry processes

A lack of response communicates "we don't care".

/ May 7, 2013

10 reasons why my church selected Elvanto as our member database

After researching many church member database solutions, here are 10 reasons why we chose Elvanto (and haven't looked back!).

/ April 30, 2013