Tag: Communication

3 steps to convert church priorities to communication channels

Setting priorities is important, because every ministry can't be the number one priority.

/ November 15, 2013

Don’t send reminder emails

"Don't bother remembering. Don't bother writing it down. Just wait for the reminder."

/ November 14, 2013

3 ways to prioritise church communications

"If we don’t tell them what’s important, then by default nothing becomes important."

/ October 23, 2013

Communicate: this is how we communicate

Church members need to know the one-stop-shop for what's happening at church.

/ June 18, 2013

A church communications plan

If communication isn't planned, it's ad hoc. Ad hoc isn't considered. Ad hoc isn't strategic. Ad hoc is only accidentally effective.

/ May 18, 2012

Avoiding church calendar overload

Here are four steps to a communications strategy for promoting events at your church...

/ August 19, 2010