Topic: Systems and Processes

Why a church is like a can of worms

From “Management for Your Church: How to Realize Your Church’s Potential Through a Systems Approach“: “A local church is very much like a can of worms. The church is the can (system); and every department, function, committee, program, constituency, and so on, is a worm (subsystem). All the subsystems are moving in their own directions,… Keep Reading

4 features I’d like to see added to Planning Center Online

My church has been using Planning Center Online for about 18 months now, and it continues to get better. You can read why we use PCO here. I’m thankful for the constant improvements that are being made to PCO, and would like to throw in my 2-cents for future features to be added in. Data… Keep Reading

Why you need systems to grow a church

Darrin Patrick was asked by Ed Stetzer – “why do churches stay small?”. This was his response: “Largely because most pastors don’t know how to build systems, structures, and processes that are not contingent upon them. Most pastors can care for people, but don’t build systems of care. Most pastors can develop leaders individually, but… Keep Reading

8 systems for a healthy church

I’ve just finished reading Nelson Searcy’s free ebook – ‘Healthy Systems, Healthy Church‘ (also available on Amazon). I like his definition of a SYSTEM: ‘Saves You Stress, Time, Energy and Money’. Searcy proposes 8 systems for churches: Weekend Service System (How we plan, implement and evaluate your music, preaching, transitions, offertory, etc.) Evangelism System (How… Keep Reading