Topic: Welcoming

Not every guest to church wants to be greeted

When I wrote about including a feature on church websites that allows guests to indicate they’re coming, I received this response:

“Everyone who is new to church would like to be greeted. It seems a very strange question to ask a newcomer if they would like to be greeted.”

I didn’t (and don’t) agree with this.

Lanyards: “I can help”

My friend Karen pointed out these lanyards worn at Mars Hill Portland: I think this is an excellent idea, and another way of caring for people who are new to church and don’t know who to talk to. Would this be useful at all churches, or only larger churches? How does your church identify who to… Keep Reading

Church follow-up idea: Thank you cards

Here’s an idea my church has been trialling. The goal is to help connect with people who visit church, but for various reasons may not want to stick around for long after the service. We want to do our best to connect with people who visit, and allow them to explore more of our church… Keep Reading