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Video: Making Sense of Marriage

  1. Do you have issues with gay people? Then you will will have issues with gay marriage.
  2. Are you ok with gay people? Then you will be ok with gay marriage.

This is the common divide that is drawn in Australia today. Your view on same-sex marriage simply reflects your acceptance (or not) of people who are same-sex attracted.

But of course, it's just not true.

There are people who are same-sex attracted who don't advocate for gay marriage. So where does this fit into the narrative?

As this video explains, the more important consideration is: What you believe marriage is.


“It's not that people are homophobic or bigoted and therefore think that same-sex marriage isn't the right way to go – it's because they have a different conception of marriage.”

This 9-minute video explores some of the problems that arise not only in how the debate is framed, but also the consequences if marriage is re-defined. This video doesn't reference the Bible – but for this reason will have broader appeal to people who do not use the Bible as their frame of reference.

It has been produced by Marriage Equals – “An initiative of Catholic Talk and”

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