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Communicate Jesus - 75+ Apologetics Apps, Books, Events and Resources

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75+ Apps, Books, Events and Resources for Christian Apologetics

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75+ Apps, Books, Events and Resources for Christian Apologetics

What is apologetics, and why does it matter? Tim Keller says:

Apologetics is an answer to the “why” question after you’ve already answered the “what” question. The what question, of course, is, “What is the gospel?” But when you call people to believe in the gospel and they ask, “Why should I believe that?” – then you need apologetics.

Here is a collection of resources for Christian apologetics to help you explain why you believe the gospel, and why others can and should too. If you can recommend other resources, please share them in the comments below.

Websites for Christian Apologetics

Apps for Christian Apologetics

Events and Conferences for Christian Apologetics


Youth and Students

Books for Christian Apologetics

There are many books on the theme of Christian apologetics. Here’s a sample to get you started.

Understanding and Explaining Your Faith

Introducing People to Christianity

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