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15 Things the Best Church Websites Do


15 Things the Best Church Websites Do

Image Credit: Nathan Lemon

15 Things the Best Church Websites Do

What can we learn from the best church websites?

I have always been wary of reinventing the wheel and hungry to learn from others who have done the hard work and created something great. So what are the best church websites doing? What sets these websites apart from the rest?

Not surprisingly, church websites vary greatly but I have observed that the best church websites:

  1. Load quickly.
  2. Communicate why the church exists (and make it compelling, because the gospel is compelling).
  3. Are free of any Christian jargon.
  4. Display the service time/s and location/s.
  5. Make it easy for people to get in touch via email, phone or live chat (and provide a quick response).
  6. Explain the core beliefs and practices of the church.
  7. Explain the gospel.
  8. Provide clear instructions and communicate a warm welcome for potential visitors to church.
  9. Provide details on the homepage for externally promoted events.
  10. Provide quick links to weddings, funerals and christenings.
  11. Use great imagery (photo and video).
  12. Share stories of transformation.
  13. Are kept up to date.
  14. Provide an accurate representation of the church.
  15. Provide a great experience on both mobile and desktop.

Which of these things is your church website doing/not doing?

Coming Soon

Next week I am launching a 40-point comparison of 15 church website providers. This new resource will help you decide which provider to choose to build your church website with comparisons of price and platforms, to features and support. Subscribe to receive this resource:

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