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Best Practice Example: Study Guides to Apply the Sermon

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Best Practice Example: Study Guides to Apply the Sermon

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Best Practice Example: Study Guides to Apply the Sermon

It common for weekly mid-week groups (community groups, connect groups, life groups, etc.) to explore the passages and topics that were (or will be) preached at church on Sunday.

However, it is also common for these studies to major on comprehension (“what does this say?”) and minor on application (“how then should we live in light of this?”). As evangelicals, it seems that our desire to faithfully exegete the passage often results in both sermons and studies that are 95% exegesis, and 5% application.

The study guides from Apostles Church Uptown are a brilliant example of how to use mid-week groups to apply God’s word to our hearts and lives.

 is the current sermon series, exploring themes including:

  • Corporate Worship
  • Rest
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Silence
  • Fasting and Feasting

The corresponding study guides include the following:

  • A memory verse.
  • The main idea.
  • Insightful questions for “applying God’s word in community”.
  • A framework to pray.
  • Suggestions for discussing and applying the passage as a family.
  • Additional questions to dig deeper (on your own, or with others).


Take a look, and share any other examples you’ve seen in the comments below.

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