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“Hey, can church promote…?”

How do you respond when people say “Hey, can church promote…”

Churches are often asked by members if the church will promote a particular cause that the member is involved in.

They might be passionate about a kids’ shelter, or an aid agency, or a Christian band, or any number of other worthy causes. And let’s face it – there’s thousands.

They want to promote this cause to the rest of church, and invite other people in the church to join them in supporting it. They want this cause to get airtime in the church newsletter, or church news, or whatever other communications channels you have available.

It’s difficult, but there comes a point at which your church can’t support any more causes. Where promoting additional causes just adds noise, and is in fact detrimental.

I realised this when I got home from holidays and looked at the mail. I can’t support all the causes that want my attention. I’ve got limited time, money and attention, and I’ve decided to ask some causes to stop sending me promotional material.

The tricky part is telling people ‘no’. This doesn’t mean that can’t talk to people about it, it just means their cause won’t receive any public air time through church communications channels.

But every ‘yes’ is a ‘no’ to something else, afterall.

So here’s what I’m thinking through for church:

  1. Which causes do we, as a church, want to corporately support and promote?
  2. How will we tell people about this decision to promote this limited number of causes?

How does your church approach this question? How do you respond when people say “Hey, can church promote…”

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