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How does your church do rosters?

I’ve been doing some thinking about rosters in an effort to assist the people at my church who work with them, as well as those who receive them!

While I’ve started looking at some tools (see 16 tools to build services and assist church musicians), the step before that and the one I’m keen to hear about today is one of processes.

At my church the basic rostering process goes something like this:

  1. our administrator sends out a mega roster with the proposed roster for each service for the next three months. This includes all your regular church gathering activities – musicians, Bible readers, welcomers, prayers, service leaders etc.
  2. people can respond to this mega roster, and indicate weeks that they will be unavailable to serve.
  3. an update roster mega roster is distributed, and if you are unable to serve on a particular week, it’s up to you to arrange a swap.
  4. each week, a reminder is sent out to the people on the roster for that week, including details of the structure of the service. The service leader might also phone the people serving.

This is a rough outline – it doesn’t always work like this, and different services operate in slightly different ways.

I’m keen to hear how your church does it, and what you think works well and not so well about the current processes.

Also, does your church post its rosters on the church website?

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