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Love does not demand refunds

Love does not demand refunds

If you have paid for an event or service that has now been cancelled, what will your next step be?

  1. Request (or demand) a refund, or
  2. Provide prayerful encouragement, acknowledging that these are difficult times and advise that your ticket can be kept as a donation.

Christian, which of these will be your response?

A friend works for an organisation that runs Christian conferences and events. Almost all of their funding to run the ministry and pay their employees comes from people attending events – and these have now been forced to shut down. Many jobs are on the line, and many potential families impacted.

But Christians are now contacting them for refunds. Not only does this organisation have no income for the foreseeable future (6 months at least, and potentially longer) – they are being asked to return what little income they have received.

The world around us is panicking. But we know the Creator of creation. We know Him who feeds the birds – and cares for us so much more. We do not need to be anxious.

I am hearing firsthand the stories of many people who have already lost their jobs, and there will be many more to come. And if that is you, then the need to seek a refund is entirely understandable and you should feel no guilt in making this request. I have no doubt your requests will be met with understanding and grace.

But if you are still employed, and have no immediate need for this money, let love prompt you to let it go. And don’t just not ask for a refund – use this opportunity to proactively bless these organisations with words of life and hope. Perhaps send in an additional donation, too.

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