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More curious results from experiment with Facebook advertising

Following on from round 1 of my experiment to use Facebook advertising to promote carols, I decided to keep the best performing advertisement, and create a couple of ads with different graphics and images – to continue to try to improve the performance of the ads.

Once again, the results are fascinating.

One of these ads got 0 clicks.

One of these ads got 2 clicks.

One of these ads got 42 clicks.

Can you guess which ad performed the best?

Advertisement 1.

Advertisement 2.

Advertisement 3.


This is fascinating stuff. The best performing ad so far, but a country mile, is advertisement number 2. It has received 70 clicks, while advertisement number 1 has received 2 clicks, and advertisement number 3 has received none.

In a sense, this isn’t surprising – it was the ‘sing carols’ call to action that had the strongest pull in the first round of advertisements. But I do find two things surprising:

  • The first ad (the one that did so well in round 1) has performed so poorly in round 2. The only thing that changed is the demographic – I broadened the potential audience for this ad to all of Sydney, and not just the local area.
  • The difference in the number of impressions Facebook is giving each advertisement. Take a look at the table below – ad 2 received 31 times more impressions than ad 1 – it’s not surprising then that it’s performing so well. I wonder why Facebook is choosing to deliver this ad to more people than ad 1?

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